Need Chauffeur Service? 需要专车服務?

司機接送服務 - 無微不至,安全至上。


Need Chauffeur Service? 需要专车服務?

Unbeatable Price. Rent-A-Car Expert Service.

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Need Chauffeur Service? 需要专车服務?

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Need Chauffeur Service? 需要专车服務?

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On Time, All The Time
Today’s business professionals have little or no time for delays or interruptions in their car service schedules. MERRYWORLD understands this concern and our tradition of keeping our customers “on time” is why many of the finest, most prestigious firms in this city have chosen MERRYWORLD as their primary carrier. Testimony to our reliability is the simple fact that the average large account has been with MERRYWORLD for over 25 years.

Fast and Reliable
MerryWorld Corporate Car service of Malaysia has been a superior transportation carrier since 2001 under the same flag. Unlike many of our competitors, MERRYWORLD has always been one company under one roof. Our president and CEO, Ellen, has been leading our team for the past 25 years and through his direction and the support of 83 inside customer service professionals MERRYWORLD has been the primary choice for professional, reliable and experienced transportation. Simply stated, MERRYWORLD will deliver to their passengers a hands on customer service the likes of which is not seen in today’s industry.

16 years with Malaysia in our back seat
MERRYWORLD Black Car Service has been providing Luxury transportation service throughout Malaysia for 16 years. Our rates are some of the most competitive you will find in the tri-state area. Our service, our fleet and our support staff have a proven track record for excellence in all areas of ground transportation. We are happy to have 4 decades of experience understanding our customer’s needs. Our 1000 corporate accounts depend on us every single day for thousands of rides and we rise to the occasion on each and every trip.